How the NObreath FeNO monitor is closing the gaps in asthma care

When a person’s airways are not working correctly, the resulting difficulty in breathing can be detrimental to everyday activities and lead to more serious health risks. According to the World Health Organization, asthma – a chronic condition where a person’s airways are narrow and inflamed, making airflow difficult – is a health condition that affected over 260 million people worldwide in 20191. On May 3rd, 2022, asthma care advocates celebrated World Asthma Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness of asthma worldwide. A World Health Organization collaborative organization called Global Initiative for Asthma, or GINA, selected the theme ‘Closing the Gap’ to highlight many gaps in asthma care which are an issue all year-round.

There are multiple gaps in present-day asthma care that can be addressed to improve the general health of people with asthma. Through education services and user-friendly technology such as the NObreath® monitor, life sciences company Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. covers many topics that close the gaps in asthma care that GINA outlines. This blog post will highlight how FeNO monitoring with NObreath® solves some of these issues.

How the NObreath® Monitor Addresses Gaps in Asthma Care Access and Delivery

Fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) levels can be used as an indicator of airway inflammation, a common sign of asthma. The NObreath® is a fractional exhaled nitric oxide test monitor that easily and non-invasively measures expired breath nitric oxide3. This monitor is useful because it helps identify if a person requires regular asthma treatment such as medication.
As NObreath® is simple to use and is non-invasive, this device closes the gap between healthcare providers prescribing inhalers and a patient’s ability to use asthma care devices. Furthermore, this technology can be programmed for a range of patients, from children to adults, also addressing gaps between care for various age groups2,3.
NObreath® also bridges gaps in equal access to asthma care, between socioeconomic groups, and in different communities with a wide range of wealth diversity. The device is available for purchase in multiple countries, has no limits on its use, and operates with low-cost mouthpieces that have a long lifetime, making NObreath® a cost-effective solution to asthma care4.

How Bedfont’s Education Portal Addresses Gaps in Asthma Care Communication, Education, and Awareness

Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. also created an online education portal around NObreath® that helps solve other challenges to asthma care outlined by GINA. The portal includes various informational and training videos surrounding the device and effective asthma care that boosts communication and awareness about asthma to both people with asthma and health care providers alike.
The website includes videos explaining FeNO and interpreting FeNO test results in the context of asthma care which connects scientific evidence and education to the actual delivery of care2,5. Other videos cover topics such as explaining how to take a test, change parts, and charge the NObreath® monitor. These bolster the machine’s usability and accessibility and the general awareness of asthma as a chronic disease for people with asthma, the general public, and health care professionals2,5.
Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. Provides Solutions to Asthma Care Challenges
World leaders in breath analysis, Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. addresses multiple gaps outlined by GINA for World Asthma Day 2022 through the userfriendly NObreath® FeNO monitor and an education portal covering scientific concepts and practical learning.

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