Bedfont’s excellent Work/Life balance acknowledged with 3 awards by Kent County Council (KCC)

Bedfont’s excellent Work/Life balance acknowledged with 3 awards by Kent County Council

Kent Family Business, Bedfont® Scientific Ltd., have been awarded Bronze, Silver, and Gold Kent and Medway Healthy Workplace Awards.

In 2022, Bedfont® joined the Healthy Workplace Programme, which involves building new initiatives and putting the wellbeing of employees at the forefront of the business. Bedfont is pleased to announce it has received 3 awards for their efforts to create a positive workplace environment.

The programme funded by the KCC and Medway Council, helps to support health and wellbeing at work with relevant policies, training and guidance(1). Recent studies have shown that those with a healthy work/life balance have more motivation and are more productive at work(2).

Jason Smith, Managing Director at Bedfont®, comments, “As a second-generation family business, Bedfont® has implemented workplace policies that focus on creating a friendly and positive workplace atmosphere with the Bedfont Family at its heart. We have been working hard to achieve a healthy work/life balance for our employees for some time now, and it’s really rewarding for us as an employer to know this has been recognised with the Healthy Workplace Awards. We look forward to continuing and improving upon these efforts, and we have our sights set on the Platinum award next.”

The Kent and Medway awards team, comments, “From the great evidence submitted and interviews conducted, it is evident Bedfont Scientific has created a very social and inclusive organisation which always looks at ways to introduce new initiatives and equally cares for the wellbeing of its customers as much as its staff. Well done to you and all your hard work in making Bedfont Scientific a lovely place to work”


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