The Gastrolyzer® means no more blood tests to investigate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The Gastrolyzer® means no more blood tests to investigate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

A quick, easy and non-invasive breath test with the Gastrolyzer could help thousands of people suffering with IBS.

April is IBS awareness month and for the IBS Network’s 25th Anniversary show, they are highlighting IBS from the patient’s perspective.

IBS is a condition that affects 23% of people worldwide [1] and 10-20% of the UK’s population [2] alone, however, it’s thought that reported numbers are much higher due to many people not seeking medical advice. Often those diagnosed with IBS may, in fact, have a more simple-to-treat condition known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). The condition produces symptoms similar to IBS and is caused by having too many bacteria in the gut.

Bedfont® Scientific, based in Harrietsham, Kent, manufacture the Gastrolyzer monitors that can help with the investigation of IBS through a simple breath test. By measuring the amount of hydrogen and methane in a patient’s breath that is caused by the breakdown of food in the gut, the Gastrolyzer investigates if a patient has IBS or if they instead have another gastrointestinal disorder, by detecting SIBO or any sugar-related food intolerances, including lactose intolerance.

 Jason Smith, Bedfont’s General Manager, comments,

“IBS Awareness Month is the perfect time to highlight the Gastrolyzer and how it can save both the patient’s and doctor’s time in diagnosing gastrointestinal disorders. 
Unlike more conventional methods which can take up to two weeks to diagnose, using the Gastrolyzer means patients will have an instant diagnosis so they do not have to prolong their discomfort, whilst health professionals can see up to 10 patients in one sitting with the protocol mode, saving valuable time. Additionally through breath analysis, because there is no need for a blood sample, people who have a fear of needles can now be diagnosed and treated at ease.”