Smokerlyzer®: Helping you resume CO breath testing this Stoptober

Since 2012, Stoptober has been a successful campaign in helping people kick the habit; studies show that if you quit smoking for at least 28 days, you’re 5 times more likely to quit completely.

The Smokerlyzer® range of CO monitors for smoking cessation have been helping people to kick the habit for over 35 years worldwide. Quick, and easy to use, the monitor has a full-colour touchscreen and displays results using a traffic-light system, to help motivate patients to quit smoking.

Carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring is an effective tool for reinforcing motivation during quit attempts as well as validating outcomes, and to help you continue providing excellent smoking cessation consultations and behavioural support, Bedfont® has created some valuable resources to help you safely and effectively resume CO breath testing, including a step-by-step how-to guide and video.

For services that are not yet seeing patients face to face, the latest Smokerlyzer®, iCOquit®, is a personal CO monitor with instant results, ideal for remote CO monitoring.

To watch the videos or download these resources, please visit How-to resume CO breath testing with the Smokerlyzer®.