One to watch: How Bedfont® is changing the future

Second generation family business, Bedfont®, named as one of the top 25 companies in Kent set to change the way we live and do business

Based in Harrietsham, Bedfont® is a small family business who has specialised in the design and manufacture of breath and gas analysis monitors for medical application for over 40 years. The Future List, created by the KM Group, asked a team of judges to name the top 25 Kent companies who are set to change the way we live and do business; among the top influencers was Bedfont®, and here’s exactly why:

·       The iCO™ Smokerlyzer®

The Smokerlyzer® range is a range of breath carbon monoxide (CO) monitors used in stop smoking clinics to help people quit smoking. The technology celebrated its 30th birthday on 2016 but through constant innovation, Bedfont® has managed to keep on top of competition and its latest in the range, the iCO™, is set to make waves. The iCO™ Smokerlyzer® is the world’s first Smokerlyzer® CO monitor for your smartphone, allowing people to quit smoking and track their progress anytime, anywhere. With a free downloadable app, users can still have the familiar motivational traffic light system whilst also be able to send their progress to friends, family and their smoking advisor.

·       The GastroCH4ECK®

The GastroCH4ECK® uses breath analysis to help detect gastrointestinal disorders such as lactose intolerance, IBS and SIBO. The GastroCH4ECK® works by measuring the levels of hydrogen and methane on a person’s breath that is a result of the gut breaking down food, offering professionals and patients alike a quick, easy and completely non-invasive way to investigate gut function; especially compared to more conventional methods which require a blood or stool sample and can take up to 2 weeks.

·       The NObreath®

Recommended by NICE, the NObreath® FeNO monitor is used to help improve asthma management, one breath at a time. Using FeNO measurements to evaluate airway inflammation in asthma represents a significant advance in respiratory medicine, but until now it has been an expensive test to deliver in every day practice. Measuring FeNO can help determine the type of asthma (allergic or non-allergic) Measuring FeNO can help determine the type of asthma (allergic or non-allergic) and help differentiate between asthma and other respiratory conditions. It can also help to determine the level of medication a patient needs. With recent heightened concerns over the number of people being misdiagnosed with asthma, Bedfont® has been working with NICE and local GP’s to help implement FeNO monitoring into general asthma care.

Jason Smith, managing director, comments, “We are honoured to have been named as one of the top 25 on the Future List. Bedfont® takes great pride in saving peoples’ lives; it something we have done for over 40 years now and something we will continue to do by constantly innovating health.”