Introducing CELLER8®: Revolutionising Wellness with PEMF Technology

Med-tech manufacturer, Bedfont® Scientific Ltd., launches new CELLER8® PEMF device with exclusive distributor, NewMed Ltd. at the Health Optimisation Summit 2023

Bedfont®, a leading innovator in medical devices with over 40 years of manufacturing experience, proudly announces the launch of a new PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) device, CELLER8®. With NewMed Ltd. as the global exclusive distributor, the CELLER8® was introduced at the Health Optimisation Summit 2023.

CELLER8® harnesses the power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, using the earth’s natural magnetic waves to concentrate and send electromagnetic pulses to specific areas of the body. The underlying principle of PEMF therapy is that it aims to restore balance by supporting healthy cellular function, promoting circulatory wellness, and supporting overall health and wellness.

Jason Smith, Managing Director at Bedfont®, comments, “With over 40 years of manufacturing experience from Bedfont®, and NewMed’s PEMF knowledge, we’ve combined our joint expertise and passion for driving innovation to develop a PEMF device with the user in mind. This summit is the ideal location to launch CELLER8® as the summit focuses on everything in the general health, wellbeing, nutrition, biohacking and fitness worlds.”

Andy Smith, Managing Director at NewMed, adds, “Having benefited from PEMF therapy myself, I founded NewMed to help others learn about and experience this life changing technology. I’m proud to say we’re the one-stop-shop for PEMF devices, and we’re excited to be launching the CELLER8® – it’s compact, sleek, and powerful – perfect for individuals seeking natural, non-invasive, solutions to enhance their overall health and well-being.”

The CELLER8® was launched at the Health Optimisation Summit, which took place 17th – 18th June, at the Business Design Centre, London. Visit for more information.