Breathacise® – exercise for your lungs

Medical device manufacturer launches new incentive spirometer, Breathacise®

Market leaders in medical breath analysis, Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. announces a new venture in pulmonary health with the launch of their incentive spirometer, Breathacise®.

Through deep breathing exercises, the Breathacise® can be used to measure lung inspiratory reserve volume (IRV), train, and improve lung capacity for a healthy lifestyle, endurance training and exercise, or to help with recovery after surgery. Easy to use, with a unique visual incentive in the form of a basketball game, the Breathacise® can be used by all ages for a number of beneficial purposes.

Research shows that exercising your lungs with an incentive spirometer retrains them to take slow deep breaths, increasing your lung capacity. This, in turn, helps improve your ability to breathe as it keeps your alveoli inflated. Keeping your alveoli inflated and working properly helps your lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide more effectively.

Jason Smith, Managing Director at Bedfont, comments, “It’s an uncertain time for small businesses right now we’ve got to be adaptable, which is why the launch of our Breathacise® incentive spirometer is very exciting. Not only is Breathacise® a new respiratory venture for us, but it is also a product that can help with pulmonary recovery – something that is much needed at this time.”

The Breathacise® incentive spirometer can be purchased from here.