Bedfont brings production back to the UK and boosts exports

Bedfont brings production back to the UK and boosts exports

Kent-based Bedfont Scientific, has launched UK production of its iCO™ Smokerlyzer® to be shipped worldwide.

Bedfont Scientific Ltd, based in Kent, has been in the business of breath analysis and gas monitoring for almost 40 years now. Their name is well known throughout the medical industry thanks to their high quality breath analysers. They have several products including the Gastrolyzer range, which offers a non-invasive method to diagnose food intolerances and gastrointestinal disorders; the NObreath FENO monitor, which aids in the management & treatment of respiratory diseases, helping to differentiate between respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD; and the Smokerlyzer range, a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor that is a motivational tool for smoking cessation. Most recently, Bedfont Scientific has launched the iCO™ Smokerlyzer®, the world’s first Smokerlyzer CO monitor for your smartphone or tablet.

Jason Smith, Bedfont’s General Manager, comments,

“We have traditionally manufactured our high volume products in China and thanks to the Manufacturing Advisory Service, this is the first of the range to be built here in Kent.  The iCO Smokerlyzer is proudly designed, manufactured, assembled, packaged and distributed here in Kent. This will undoubtedly provide greater control over quality and supply; bringing benefits to both companies. Bedfont had a forty percent increase in sales turnover in the past two years with seventy-eight percent of turnover being generated from exports. We predict that a homecare breath CO monitor will greatly increase exports, especially since our main target is the USA, which has huge demand for consumer healthcare devices.”

The product launch and UK production is expected to further boost exports to the company’s worldwide range of clients. Bedfont Scientific is a National Champion for Exporting, and an Export Category nominee in the European Business Awards.