Bedfont announces multiyear ODM deal with global respiratory diagnostics company, MGC Diagnostics Corporation

Kent medical device manufacturer, Bedfont Scientific Ltd., signs a multiyear ODM deal to supply MGC Diagnostics Corporation with its new NObreath®

MGC Diagnostics Corporation (MGCD), through its Medical Graphics and Medisoft subsidiaries, is a global medical technology company dedicated to the delivery of diagnostic solutions for detecting, classifying, and managing cardiorespiratory disease. MGCD has signed an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) agreement with Bedfont for the new NObreath® Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) monitor.

FeNO is a biomarker for airway inflammation, helping in the control and diagnosis of asthma and also the differentiation between asthma and other respiratory diseases. Measuring FeNO through breath analysis, making the process quick, simple and non-invasive for both the GP and the patient. Interpreting FeNO levels aids in identifying patients who do/do not require on-going treatment1 whilst also differentiating between allergic (eosinophilic) and non-allergic asthma2, and if used daily, FeNO measurements can help to predict exacerbations and attacks.3

The ODM agreement for NObreath® means Bedfont designs and manufactures the monitor and MGCD distributes MGCD branded product. The MGCD product, called FeNObreath, is differentiated from the NObreath® by direct integration with MGCD diagnostics devices.

Matt Margolies, President and Chief Operating Office at MGC Diagnostics commented, “Bedfont’s NObreath® is an ideal device to expand our existing range of high-quality diagnostic solutions. We will sell the FeNObreath both as a stand-alone device and as an integrated module to our diagnostic products. Medical Graphics and Medisoft’s selling teams are excited to add this innovative product to our product portfolios.”

Jason Smith, Managing Director at Bedfont, adds, “The NObreath® mission is to help improve asthma diagnosis and management for adults and children worldwide through FeNO monitoring. This new strategic partnership will enable Bedfont to access new markets worldwide and further highlight FeNO testing and its benefits globally.”


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