Bedfont announces exciting new venture with Kebomed.

Bedfont announces exciting new venture with Kebomed.

Bedfont Scientific Ltd based in Harrietsham, Kent, aims to expand its Gastrolyzer range across the UK and Ireland with the help of new distributor Kebomed.

Bedfont Scientific, a leading manufacturer of exhaled breath monitors, are proud to introduce Kebomed as the new distributor for its Gastrolyzer range throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Kebomed will become the 74th member of Bedfont’s exclusive diagnostics distributor network; a structure which has led to much success for Bedfont.

The Gastrolyzer range uses breath analysis to measure levels of Methane, Hydrogen and Oxygen and can accurately detect a range of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or food intolerances such as lactose or fructose intolerance. The Gastrolyzer range is also commonly used in the investigation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a disorder which affects 23 per cent of people worldwide. The success of the Gastrolyzer range is due to the innovative way in which it can help detect GI disorders; its non-invasive manner and instant results are unlike more traditional methods which can take up to two weeks to diagnose.

Matthew Skinner, Gastrolyzer Product Manager at Bedfont, says,

“We always welcome the opportunity to start new collaborations with new distributors; Kebomed have the knowledge of the industry and share our belief in the importance of Gastrointestinal services. We welcome Kebomed into our fold and hope that this new relationship helps us to further strengthen our coverage of the Gastrolyzer range throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland”.

Pardeep Rai, GI Sales Director at Kebomed, says, 

“We aim to use our knowledge of the GI market to increase the Gastrolyzer’s portfolio in the UK and Ireland, and look forward to this opportunity leading to growth for both companies”.