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The ToxCO® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors for quick, easy
and non-invasive screening for CO poisoning through breath analysis
and ambient air monitoring.

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The ToxCO® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors to screen for CO poisoning through breath analysis and ambient air monitoring.
The ToxCO® is an easy to use, non-invasive breath/ambient carbon monoxide (CO) monitor, with three sampling modes. It enables breath samples to be taken from patients at any age or consciousness and the monitoring of ambient levels CO to alert staff of potentially dangerous levels in the air.
CO is a common, colourless, tasteless and non-irritating yet poisonous gas, often fatal to those who inhale it. Measuring ambient levels of CO, particularly in industrial settings and anywhere where fossil fuels are burnt, is important to help ensure a safe working environment. It is important also for emergency services and health professionals attending sites where CO may be a threat to their health and the health of others. CO poisoning can resemble flu-like symptoms and accurate breath testing can be used to screen for cases of CO poisoning.
Non-invasive, quick and easy to use either with a mouthpiece for breath sampling or with a mask when sampling unconscious patients, children or babies. Provides quick and accurate screening for cases of CO inhalation. Allows for monitoring of ambient CO levels in work places and those places visited by the emergency services and health workers during their work. Instant results on large colour touch screen. Results are automatically recorded and can be retrieved later.
Fast and accurate, non-invasive testing. Does not require a hospital setting.
Can be used with a mouthpiece, face mask or as an ambient monitor. Fast and accurate results, normally within 20 seconds. Automatic recording of results. ToxCO® data download software included with every monitor.

Quick, easy & non-invasive screening for CO poisoning