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The NObreath® fractional exhaled nitric oxide test monitor NOW
recommended in the NICE guidelines for measuring
FeNO concentration in Asthma.

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The NObreath® fractional exhaled nitric oxide breath test monitor is NOW recommended in the NICE guidelines for measuring FeNO concentration in Asthma.
Measuring FeNO with NObreath
® FeNO tester allows consistent, non-invasive measurement of expired breath Nitric Oxide (NO). This can be used as a marker for airway inflammation and on-going monitoring of treatment.
Using FeNO measurements to monitor airway inflammation in asthma patients represents a significant advance in respiratory medicine. The FeNO test is quick, patient friendly and a non-invasive way to assess patient adherence to inhaled corticosteroids. 
Other benefits of using FeNO testing in clinical practice are that it can help to differentiate between other respiratory conditions and asthma. Including COPD and ACOS.
Analysis of patients' breath can help identify those who do or do not require ongoing treatment.
Shows patient response to treatment, enabling the correct prescription of medication.
Shows patient compliance.
Superior results to many conventional lung-function tests, such as peak flow recording and spirometry.
Instant results on large colour touch screen.
Non-invasive, quick and easy to use.
Can be programmed for children and adult patients to ensure the best possible samples. Fast warm-up and recovery time between tests.

Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) monitoring

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