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Helping to detect gastrointestinal disorders, one breath at a time.

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Helping to detect gastrointestinal disorders, the Gastrolyzer® range is renowned as an accurate hydrogen breath test.
A portable, non-invasive breath analysis device which, by measuring levels of Methane, Hydrogen and Oxygen in the breath can accurately detect a range of gastrointestinal disorders such as Lactose Intolerance.
World Health estimates that 65% of the world's adult population suffer from some form of lactose intolerance. Most monitors measure hydrogen, which identifies only 40% of sufferers. Including a methane monitor increases by 33%-40% the number of sufferers properly diagnosed. Invasive testing is expensive, uncomfortable, time-consuming. Breath testing is cheap, non-invasive, easy on the patient and efficient.
Simple to use, low maintenance, instant results, with patient management software
Fast and accurate diagnosis, no invasive testing. Simultaneous methane testing can diagnose patients who do not produce hydrogen, helping to ensure accurate diagnosis with just one test.
The only methane and hydrogen monitor to provide patient management workflow software which allows greater throughput and reducing overheads. The Gastrolyzer® range is world-reknown for delivering hydrogen breath testing, backed up by methane testing, and is cited by clinical leaders in gastroenterology such as Robert Heuschal and Way Seah Lee. Long battery and sensor operating life.

Portable breath methane, hydrogen and oxygen monitor to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders

Breath hydrogen monitoring to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders

Find out about the free software

GastroCHART™ is a FREE patient management system for your Microsoft Windows computer, for use with the Bedfont Gastrolyzer range of breath hydrogen and methane monitors. This system will revolutionise the way you schedule patients and maximise the amount of testing you can perform in one clinic. GastroCHART™ allows you to pre-set the patient information and test type they will be performing (i.e. Lactose, Fructose, Glucose, etc). The system will then use the pre-set testing intervals, or intervals of your choice, to alert patients when their next breath test is due. When each breath test is performed, results are automatically recorded in the patient’s records, which can be saved or printed.

Once the full testing is complete a line graph will be populated showing the patients results with a positive result threshold line for interpretation.

Download GastroCHART™ HERE