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Medi-Gas Check

The Medi-Gas Check range of medical pipeline testing equipment is for safeguarding patients and staff against harmful gases. By testing the gas in the pipeline, you can verify that the right gas is being administered, as well as the right quantity and quality of said gas.

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The Medi-Gas Check range of medical pipeline testing equipment - for all your portable pipeline testing needs.

The Medi-Gas Check range is a suite of fixed and portable gas detection monitors used to verify and validate the quality and quantity of medical gas administered to patients, from the plant room and distribution points to the point of delivery to the patient. The range conforms fully with the requirements of UK Government Guidance in the form of the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 02-01 and other relevant legislation.

Work places, including hospitals, have a legal obligation to demonstrate compliance with workplace exposure limits and that workplace systems are adequate and working well enough to protect staff. Uncontrolled exposure to medical gasses, including long-term exposure to very low levels of some gasses can adversely affect the health of healthcare staff and patients. Monitoring levels accurately helps to ensure that staff and patients are safe.

Portable and fixed monitors provide easy and accurate measurement of gas supply and delivery to patient. Provides validated readings at the lowest concentrations to ensure compliance with HTM 02-01and other guidance and legislation. Results are automatically recorded and can be retrieved later. Alarms can alert users to high or unsafe concentrations of gas.

Carefully monitored gas supply to ensure purity of gas administered to them.

The Medi-Gas Check range offers accurate testing and reporting for a wide range of gasses, moisture, particulates, impurities, flow rates and gas pressures and air-borne volatile organic compounds. The range includes a series of personal monitors and wire monitors for safety professionals. Easy calibration with supplied calibration gas cylinders.

image of the F8004 Air Tester

Safe air testing for medical and dental air.

image of the Medi-Gas Check G200

Low level N2O atmospheric measurement

image of the Medi-Gas Check G210

N2O, O2, CO2, CO Monitoring

image of the Medi-Gas Check G150

Specifically designed to monitor CO2 with a range of 0-20,000 ppm

image of the Medi-Gas Check Pipeline Sampling Kit

Pipeline Sampling Kit

image of the Medi-Gas Check Particulate Matter

Verifies the absence of paticulate matters