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piCO™ Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor

Breath CO monitor to help stop smoking

Low cost and visually motivational, the piCO™ Smokerlyzer® carbon monoxide breath test monitor is a leader in a new generation of breath CO monitors. With a brand new easy to use interface, SteriTouch® technology and the motivational traffic light system, the piCO™ Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor is ideal for all stop smoking services.

piCO™ Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor

Why piCO™?

A firm favourite for motivation, validation and education. It is quick and easy to use with a full-colour touchscreen and the familiar motivational traffic light system.

Why is it important?

The piCO™ Smokerlyzer® is clinically proven to help people stop smoking and is ideal for stop smoking services, GP’s, schools, pharmacies and health visitors.


Benefits to the user

The monitor provides instant results shown in exact ppm and %COHb which makes recording and interpreting patient’s results quick and easy.

SteriTouch® technology to ensure optium infection control.

There is the familiar green, amber and red traffic light system, making CO levels instantly identifiable to patients.

D-pieces are used in conjunction with the monitor to filter out 99.9% of airborne bacteria and single-use SteriBreath™ mouthpieces for excellent, low cost infection control.1

Five-year warranty for absolute peace of mind.

PC interactive with COdata+™ software, free with the piCO™ Smokerlyzer®.

piCO™ consumables

SteriBreath™ Mouthpieces

SteriBreath™ mouthpieces for use with Bedfont® breath analysis monitors, combining ease of use with optimum infection control.


The D-piece™ incorporates a one-way valve to prevent air being drawn back from the monitor. The breath then passes through an infection control filter, proven to remove and trap >99.9% of airborne bacteria.

Monitor Cleaning Wipes

Free from alcohol, ensuring the continued performance of your monitor. Pack contains 50 wipes.

Check Gas Kit

To ensure optimum performance or if you suspect a sensor drift you can perform a function check on the piCO™ using 20ppm CO gas, 1x calibration adapter and 1x regulator.

Product specification

Concentration range
Full colour touchscreen
Detection principle
Electrochemical sensor
Accuracy (repeatability of reading)
< 3%
Hydrogen cross- sensitivity
< 6 %
3 x AA (LR6 or equivalent) alkaline batteries
Response time
Operating temperature range
10-40°C (storage 0-50°C)
Operating humidity
10-90% (storage 0-95%) non-condensing
Sensor operating life
5 years (5-year warranty)
Sensor sensitivity
Approx. 34 × 75 × 140mm
Approx. 200g including batteries
Construction: Body
Polycarbonate/ABS blend, SteriTouch® anti-Microbial additive, D-piece: Polypropylene
Construction: D-piece™
Response time
< 17 seconds

piCO™ downloads

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Clinical papers

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1. Health Protection Agency (HPA), Porton Down, Report No 43/06, pp. 10-11 

Where can I buy?

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