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Intermedical UK exhibits the new and improved NObreath at ARTP 2019

Intermedical UK exhibits the new and improved NObreath at ARTP 2019

Bedfont’s long-standing UK distributor, Intermedical UK, will be exhibiting their breath analysis medical products at the annual ARTP conference.

A distributor for nearly 10 years, Intermedical UK will be exhibiting the 2nd generation NObreath at the annual Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP) conference and can be found at Stand 25.

The NObreath® offers a quick, simple and non-invasive method of measuring FeNO to assess airway inflammation, aiding in the diagnosis and management of asthma. Interpreting FeNO levels aids in identifying patients who do/do not require on-going treatment1 whilst also differentiating between allergic (eosinophilic) and non-allergic asthma2, and if used daily, FeNO measurements can help to predict exacerbations and attacks3.

Alongside a fresh and aesthetically pleasing design with a full colour touchscreen, new features of the 2nd generation NObreath® also include the ability to save patient profiles on the device, Bluetooth connectivity, and SteriTouch® technology for optimum infection control. Furthermore, the NObreath® comes with free patient management software allowing the equipment to synchronise with a PC, enabling reports to be generated, data to be backed up, and much more.

Livio Gagliardi, Acting Managing Director at Intermedical, said, “We’re excited to bring the NObreath to ARTP this year. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of measuring FeNO when monitoring asthma and airway inflammation - especially now it is recommended in the NICE guidance. We believe that the new NObreath will make FeNO monitoring quicker and easier for healthcare professionals and patients alike.”

This year, ARTP is taking place between 31 January and 1st February in Glasgow.

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