Kent Company, Bedfont® Scientific Ltd, reveals New Well-being Garden, Nurturing Employee Wellness and Biodiversity

Bedfont® opens a new wellness space for encouraging a carbon conscious approach and memorialising loved ones

Bedfont® proudly announces the successful transformation of unused space into a Wellbeing Garden. This innovative initiative not only underlines Bedfont’s commitment to its employees’ wellness but also champions environmental conservation through biodiversity efforts. The garden, crafted using 90% reclaimed materials, serves as a touching memorial to lost loved ones.

Bedfont® encourages a healthy work-life balance and the Wellbeing Garden is a testament to this ethos, designed to provide employees with a serene and revitalising space to destress, recharge, and connect with nature. The garden’s carefully curated landscape also serves as a natural habitat for local flora and fauna, contributing to the preservation of local ecosystems, thanks to its variety of flowers and vegetables, and it even has a dedicated Bat box.

Managing Director, Jason Smith, remarks, “The Wellbeing Garden holds deep sentimental value as a memorial to lost loved ones, Niki and Pat. This garden was Niki’s dream and now it is a reality, underpinning the work she did promoting wellbeing for the Bedfont® Family. Pat, a beloved member of the Bedfont® Family and keen gardener, donated a lot of the greenery which now homes multiple ecosystems. Through this garden, not only does their memory live on, but it allows us to work towards our core value of being more Carbon Conscious, whilst providing a beautiful space for the Bedfont Family to promote wellbeing.”

Bedfont® extends its gratitude to the grant providers, Beyond Procurement, whose support made this visionary project a reality. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a culture that prioritises employee welfare and environmental responsibility.