Breath analysis is now protected by SteriTouch®

Bedfont® incorporates SteriTouch® technology into the redesign of its famous monitors

Bedfont Scientific, who in 2016 are celebrating two important anniversaries – 40 years in business and 30 years of one of their most successful exports – the Smokerlyzer, are revered as pioneers in the breath analysis market. Their products are now available in over 76 countries across the world thanks to their unprecedented network of appointed distributors.

However, belonging to such a niche medical devices market, Bedfont Scientific is always innovating and improving their monitors to remain the market leaders in their fields. Following the success and feedback from integrating SteriTouch technology into their piCO+™ Smokerlyzer® in 2012, Bedfont decided to include antimicrobial technology in the redesign of their ranges.                

Current ranges now with SteriTouch technology include the Smokerlyzer, a carbon monoxide (CO) breath monitor used by Stop Smoking Services, the ToxCO™ used by emergency services to instantly diagnose CO poisoning, and the Gastrolyzer® for detecting gastrointestinal orders. The plan for the future is to continue to incorporate SteriTouch technology into Bedfont’s remaining ranges too. 

Jason Smith, General Manager at Bedfont Scientific, explains,

“We felt that including SteriTouch technology into all of our monitors was a simply natural progression. With all of our devices being used in medical and clinical environments, to ensure optimum performance and omit cross-infection which can affect patients’ results, SteriTouch technology seemed like the ideal extra protection for our breath monitors.”