Breath Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitoring

Helping people to stop smoking, one breath at a time

Micro Smokerlyzer

The Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® CO monitor is the new-and-improved version of the revolutionary Micro™ Smokerlyzer®. The Micro™ Smokerlyzer® is a longstanding benchmark device used in clinical trials and research.

The Micro+™ is the most comprehensive CO monitor available. It analyses breath CO levels in adults and adolescents up to 250ppm, and automatically converts CO readings of pregnant women to foetal %COHb (carboxyhaemoglobin).

Micro+ Smokerlzyer

Micro+ Features

  • Analyses carboxyhaemoglobin and carbon monoxide levels in a single breath
  • Options for testing adults, adolescents and pregnant women
  • Instant conversion to foetal %COHb at the touch of a button
  • Clinically proven stop smoking help
  • Easy-to-use colour touch screen instantly displays the exact result
  • On-screen instructions with audio prompts
  • Store up to 100 readings and view them as a table or a graph
  • Improved electrochemical sensor and anti-humidity filter
  • Antibacterial filter and one-way valve for optimal infection control
  • Auto-zero and adjustable breath hold countdown
  • Built-in maintenance reminders
  • Minimal hydrogen cross-sensitivity


The Micro+™ is designed for use as a motivational aid in smoking cessation.

  • Ideal for use alongside stop smoking help programmes such as group therapy or NRT
  • User profiles for adults, adolescents and pregnant women, plus custom profiles with COdata+™
  • Detects CO levels up to 250ppm, meaning it can also be used to screen for carbon monoxide poisoning

Stop smoking help for young people

Young people's breath carbon monoxide levels are typically lower than adults’, which may reduce the impact of carbon monoxide monitoring in young people with the piCO+™. To combat this, the piCO+™ has an 'adolescent' setting, with lower cut-off points to differentiate between smoking statuses. This ensures that the piCO+™ has the same motivational effect with young people as it does with adults.

Stop smoking help for pregnant women

The risk of underdevelopment, low birth weight and other birth defects caused by smoking in pregnancy are well documented. However, many pregnant women need support in order to give up. The Micro+™ has a profile for pregnant women, which can be used alongside the MaternityCO Chart. The Micro+™ enables mothers to see the carbon monoxide level in their foetus, providing visual motivation for them to stop smoking.

How it works

The Micro+ analyses the amount of carbon monoxide in a single exhaled breath. It uses this reading to automatically calculate the percentage of carboxyhaemoglobin in the blood. Carrying out a test is easy: simply press the button to switch the monitor on, then follow the instructions on the touch screen display. Exhale into the monitor through the Flatpak™ mouthpiece and the result is displayed instantly in exact parts per million (ppm) for carbon monoxide, and as a percentage for carboxyhaemoglobin (%COHb). The numbers are displayed either in green, amber or red (a familiar ‘traffic light’ system) to represent the level of carbon monoxide.

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Consumables & Accessories

Flatpak™ mouthpieces

Flatpak™ mouthpieces have revolutionised the world of breath monitor mouthpieces. They take up less than a third of the space of conventional mouthpieces. They are packed in batches of 10 or individually sealed to minimise the risk of cross-infection.


A D-piece is used to attach Flatpak™ mouthpieces to the monitor. The D-piece incorporates a one-way valve and an infection control filter, which are proven to remove and trap >99.9% of airborne bacteria1. The D-piece should be changed every four weeks, or more often if visibly soiled. An automatic reminder will appear on the screen every 28 days.


COdata+™ software tracks users’ progress throughout the quitting process by creating a printable report of the individual’s smoking habit and their personal dependence on nicotine.

COdata+™ can be used to create custom profiles for hard-to-motivate individuals and for unusual situations. For example, a ‘morning’ profile could be created for testing early in the day, when carbon monoxide levels are usually lowest. Lowering the cut-off points for morning tests means that motivation will not be reduced as a result of lower CO levels being detected.

COdata+ operates with Microsoft Windows and is compatible with the piCO+™, Micro+™, piCO and piCO-lo. Click here to download a driver for the piCO+.

MaternityCO™ Chart

Used alongside the Micro+, the MaternityCO™ Chart provides a high-level visual motivation for expectant mothers to stop smoking. The MaternityCO™ Chart shows the amount of carbon monoxide being transferred from the mother’s blood to the foetus and illustrates the potential physical effects of this exposure to carbon monoxide on the baby, including the expected birth weight.

The MaternityCO™ Chart can also be used to show the effect of passive smoking on the baby (for example, if an expectant mother’s partner smokes).

Instrument cleansing wipes

Bedfont supplies instrument cleansing wipes for cleaning the external surfaces of the monitor. Each wipe contains 1% cetrimide, a powerful antimicrobial detergent. Users can also use the wipes cleans their hands before handling the instruments.

IMPORTANT: Alcohol, or cleaning agents containing alcohol, should never be used to clean the monitor because alcohol can adversely affect the sensor within the instrument.


The Micro+™ requires a calibration check once every six months with Bedfont's 50ppm carbon monoxide in air calibration gas. No specialist technical knowledge or skills are required, making it easy to calibrate with our Calibration Kit. We can also supply replacement calibration gas in lightweight disposable cylinders.

Calibration gas

Calibration gas is supplied by Bedfont in lightweight disposable cylinders. Calibration of the Micro+™ should be carried out with Bedfont's 50ppm CO in air calibration gas. No specialist technical knowledge or skills are required and Bedfont provides comprehensive calibration kits for ultimate ease of use. Calibration should be carried out at least every six months. A calibration reminder will appear automatically when calibration is due.

Click here for details of our calibration canisters and kits.

Canister size Calibrations (approx)
5 litre
12 litre
110 litre
5 litre
12 litre
110 litre
Micro IV

1 1Health Protection Agency (HPA), Porton Down, Report No.43/06, pp.10-11.



“We use the Smokerlyzer range in Warwickshire to help educate, motivate and validate smokers wishing to stop smoking to great effect and find the Smokerlyzers to be an essential part of our stop smoking service equipment.”

Jane Wright – Warwickshire Smoking Cessation Manager for Warwickshire

“The Smokerlyzer range is regarded as the ‘tool of our trade’ at our stop smoking service. It provides a qualitative result for our quit rates whilst providing the patient with extra motivation, complimenting the hard work carried out by our advisers.

Graham Thomas – Stop Smoking Service Manager of Eastern and Coastal Kent

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